Prototyping and Comission

Professional and Dedicated Sculptors 


Iconic Project Studio has a studio located in Indonesia, with a mission of producing the best artworks to add to your personal collection. Our studio is supported by the best traditional and 3D sculpting artist in Indonesia, we can make any type of sculpture / figure from size 1: 1, 1: 3, 1: 4, 1: 6, 1:12.
The sculpture / figure design was first created by our illustrator so that the client gets an idea of ​​the project he wants, so it is the main guide for us to step into the sculpting process.
Process design and sculpting, we use traditional and 3D sculpting methods using the best 3D fdm and sla printers, ensuring detailed and precise prototype quality.
In addition to making sculptures / figures, we also work on interior product design, merchandise and jewellery. Contact us if you need a consultation about the project you want and ask more about our works.